Tryout Dates/Times/Locations/Fees for the 2013-14 club season are set!
5th & 6th Grade Team Selection
Since our goal for this age range is to instill interest and excitment in the sport, we plan to include everyone who would like to participate.  In order to keep the cost as low as possible for these teams, we are asking for one or two parent volunteers to coach each team.
7th & 8th Grade - $5/player (plus USAV registration if necessary)
9th & 10th Grade - $5/player (plus USAV registration if necessary)
Player Ages
Please see the attatchment below for USAV age definitions and check player's birthdate against the chart.  With some players starting school early or late, even though they are in the same school grade, they may not fall under the same USAV age catagory.  If a player is too young for their grade, they can play up with their classmates without a problem.  If a player is too old for their grade, they may need to be moved up to the next age group.
In order to tryout, players must be registered with USAV and through the Iowa Region.  If you played USAV Club volleyball last winter (2012-13), your membership is good until 10/31/13 and you are able to attend tryouts until this date without registering for this season ($5 tryout fee still applies).
If you did NOT play USAV club last winter (2012-13), or your tryout date is after 10/31/13, you will need to register with USAV.  The cost for this registration is either $15 (allows you to tryout with multiple clubs any dates in October/November) or $10 for a one day tryout membership.  If you are selected for a team (CF Juniors or other club), this tryout membership amount is applied towards your full season membership upgrade.  $5 tryout fee does not apply towards full membership upgrade.
Iowa Region Tryout Registration Page  (click the Registration button on the righ side of the screen)
What to Bring to Tryouts
  • Proof of USAV Membership (either from 2012-13 season or new registration confirmation)
2012-13 membership information can be printed at
  • Player Medical Release Form (attatchment below)
  • Volleyball/athletic shoes
  • Kneepads
  • Water bottle
Tryout Process
We will review with all players and parents the process that will be followed to evaluate players, select teams and how many teams we will be able to accept at each age level based on coaches and gym space.  We will also cover how players/families will be notified and the process to get registered for Cedar Falls Juniors.
At this point, parents will be asked to leave and we will begin the tryouts.  Parents can return at the end of the tryout to pick up players.
7th/8th grade will be tested on all individual skills along with some position specific skills and team skills
9th/10th grade will be tested on all individual and team skills with more emphasis on position specific skills
 Physical Tests/Measurments Volleyball Skills
Standing Reach
Vertical Jump
Standing Long Jump
Shuttle Speed
Forarm Passing
Overhead Passing
Serve Recieving
Court Movement
Hitting (L, M, R, Back Row)
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